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Competition for customer wallet share is at an all time high. Every customer visit impacts your top line, so you can’t afford to have execution errors at the store level that costs you sales.


Retail Video Analytic solutions from SCOPIX improve sales, increase profits and drastically eliminate cost inefficiencies related to staffing, stocking and execution errors.


SCOPIX helps you turn shoppers into buyers!


All of your hard work and planning won’t amount to much if in-store execution is lacking.


Usually merchandising managers find out after the fact if planograms and promotions weren't carried out according to plan. With Retail Video Analytics from SCOPIX, you can make sure that merchandising plans and promotions are executed right from the start.


SCOPIX helps everyone get with the plan!


Staffing errors are expensive. Too few employees leads to dissatisfied customers and lost sales. Too many and you increase costs and lose profits.


With a Retail Video Analytics solution from SCOPIX, operations no longer has to rely on complicated models or guess work. Using our powerful, but easy to use analytics dashboards, Operations Managers can accurately staff and direct employees to meet the needs of the customer.


SCOPIX helps you get it right every time!


Managing IT infrastructures for retailers is no easy task. With hundreds or thousands of branches to manage, the last thing you need is a proliferation of new systems and components.


By leveraging the equipment and systems already in most stores, SCOPIX’s Retail Video Analytics solutions have a very low IT footprint. Even better, the solutions take advantage of cloud based technologies via a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model.


SCOPIX is a solution IT can live with!


You can’t be everywhere at once - but SCOPIX provides you with the information you would have if you were standing in every one of your stores.


Using SCOPIX Retail Video Analytics and our powerful cloud based dashboards, you can monitor, measure, and manage the key factors that impact daily sales and profits in real time.


SCOPIX is better than being there!


Engaging customers in a timely manner, providing quality assistance, addressing out-of-stocks, and ensuring efficient customer service and checkout have been proven to increase sales in every retail sector.
Using SCOPIX can help you help your customers by seeing how soon, how long and how often they are being engaged.  SCOPIX can also tell you where and when you have out-of-stock issues, ensure promotional displays are set, and if customers are being served as you expect in every area of the store including checkout. 

SCOPIX helps you turn shoppers into buyers!


Trust but verify.


You know your customers and you know your product, but are you sure the right merchandise is in the right place at the right time?


With video analytics from SCOPIX, CPG companies can see their products and promotions from the customer’s point of view, where it matters most- in the store.


SCOPIX helps you deliver the goods!

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